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 Bushings can be used in many applications such as automotive,commercial,goverment, hydraulic, air, water and more. Bushings operate with sliding motion between the moving surfaces. Bushings are selected based on the velocity and the applied load. Maintenance-free bushings do not require additional lubrication to operate.The materials can be from silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, carbon graphite,bronze and PTFE. We will work with you to develope the appropriate mix of materials and machining needs. Also we can make bushings, step bushings, sleeve bushings, flange bushings, reducer bushings, bearing bushings, offset bushings, bushing spacer, custom bushings, threaded bushings, custom sleeves, flange sleeves, bearing sleeve.

Sintered Alpha silicon carbide is one of the hardest, most corrosion resistant ceramics commercially available. With no free silicon, this material resists even the strongest acids. Silicon carbide also exhibits excellent thermal conductivity making it a good material for mechanical seals. SIC offers exceptional hardness, heat resistance and thermal shock resistance.